My portraits of families and commissions for institutions are uniquely personal art forms that reflect my own aesthetic sense and that of the people I am working with. Therefore these works are the result of a collaboration.  My goal is to capture the essence of what is very meaningful to a particular family or institution.  Here are some examples of commissions that I have already created:

  • A formal pose of a family with favorite objects, designs, colors and pets.
  • A family gathering at a table with pictures of ancestors on the walls (19 people in all)
  • A family gathering in a kitchen with the spirits of beloved grandparents looking in the window lovingly.
  • A gathering of a family in bed on Sunday morning complete with newspaper and pets
  • A nightly family marching band before bedtime
  • A work for an urban community center in which the entire neighborhood shared their ideas of what they want included in the picture (a garden, skate boarders, picnics, etc.)
  • A work for a hospital lobby, a stressful place where people need respite and comfort